Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Rushing to Finish

It's almost the end of June, and . . .  I still have another 15 square feet of garden to plant. Well, realistically I still have to put the dirt in the 15 square foot area, but none the least, I'm getting down to the wire. I have two more packages of bush beans, one more package of carrots, a swiss chard, and two squash plants. The squash plants were actually a surprise. In the one planter box housing my celebrity tomatoes, two squash plants of some sort snuck their way into the containers I bought the tomatoes in, and so, I got free plants! Again! My butternut squash plants were a two for one (two in one container). As for the last garden space, I have waterproofed the inside, and cut out the landscaping fabric. I need to still attach the fabric, then I will be able to add the dirt. I'm hoping that I'm not cutting it too late but I should be able to grow the plants okay in this box so late. In the fall, I could rige up another greenhouse top on it to protect the plants from frost, if need be.
Just an update; The potatoes are growing good, the beans too (although, a few just didn't take properly and will not make it), my herbs are growing faster than I need them, the roma tomatoes are loving the heat, and my pumpkin is also getting pretty big. (Sigh) With my new job (have work there one week today), I have been having a hard time managing everything, like weeding, pruning, checking for ripened fruit, pests or disease, cleaning my house, etc. I would though like to take this time to point out that I have been very diligent in watering my plants, something that has never happened before. In the past, I have killed many plants by accidental drought. Never again though, as my tomatoes will be the proof!

Happy Homesteading!!

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