Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Rain Barrel

With all this very wet weather which only a duck can appreciate, I thought today I would discuss rain barrels! Rain barrels are very handy for anyone with a garden. I use mine to fill my watering can to water my smaller individual plants, or I hook up my hose to the water pump that I have submerged in my barrel to use to cover a larger area of plants. The hose and water pump also come in handy to transfer the water from the rain barrel to my pond. My outdoor hook-up for pumped water is on the right side of my house, while most of my plants are on the left side of my house. So why pay to get a long enough hose to reach around my house and pay for the water, when I can use the smaller hose I already have and use free rain barrel water! Now my rain barrel is butt ugly. It's just a white chemical barrel with a very badly cut hole in the top for access, but it does the job. 

There are more handsome models out there at any retail home and garden store, but if this one works, why replace it! 

Happy Homesteading!!

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