Monday, 13 June 2011

Introducing my cat, Clover

Anyone who knows me, knows I love animals, with my favourite animal being my cat, Clover. Clover is an 11 years old brown tabby. She has a very lovely face but that beauty is outshined by her massive stomach. I have been asked multiple times if Clover was pregnant but seeings as she has been this fat since she was one year old and she is spayed, I'm pretty sure that she is not. She just loves food is all. She is a rather lazy cat. At 7:00am she gets her breakfast (half a can of wet food), which is then followed by after breakfast cuddles, then a few minutes outside (this is a requirement, not optional). If my husband and I make breakfast, she has to join us at the table, sitting in the area between my husband and myself, waiting for her bacon (again, this is a requirement, not optional). Then she sleeps. Normally from 10:00am till 3:30pm. Then she will come upstairs from her nap, for a cuddle and a trip outside again. At 5:00pm she starts to bug me for food. She is very good as begging. I'm normally on my laptop on the couch, where she will join me, and paw at my arm (no claws) to feed her. After supper is bath time, then more cuddles. Sometimes she gets upset when I don't go to bed on time, meaning she gets cranky. So then I have to cuddle her and put her to bed. She sleeps all night.
                                                                    Torpedo Kitty!!
Now, although she spends most of her life sleeping, she is very beneficial. And, although she is very fat, she is still very beneficial. She scares the pests out of our yard . . . or kills them, as she has demonstrated lately. She has killed a small bunny and a mouse, both of which she decided needed to be hidden in the basement. Luckily, I found them before anything went bad. She keeps the local squirrel scared to step foot into the yard during the day, and keeps an eye on the birds from picking at the berries.
                                              Clover working hard, keeping an eye on the squirrel
She is also good at keeping feet and tummies warm on a cold day. She is also the best set of listening ears I have ever encountered, and helps me stay calm (I get anxious around people and over silly situations). Will I get another cat to keep Clover company? No, because she would probably kill it (Serious Jealousy Issues!). And I will very extremely sad when she is no longer around. What does this have to do with homesteading? Not a lot. But every house needs a cat.

Happy Homesteading!!


  1. awwww!! I miss her...she is so weird though, kind of like you. You know, Callie is a grump like Cory, Clover is weird like you and me and T.C. are the coolest ever!!!