Monday, 1 August 2011

Plant of the Week: Mint

One of the many bees that visit my mint patch daily

My backyard is a growing frenzy of mint. Currently, I have two types of mint growing, though I don't know what kind they are. One I'm pretty sure is wild mint because it grows by seeding and is everywhere, whereas the other mint is a perennial, stays in one spot and is actually a beautiful flowering plant (and the bees love it!). When I first discovered that I had the wild mint, my grandmother-in-laws first words where "Pull it all up! That stuff can overrun and ruin a garden!". Well, I didn't and I still haven't. I should probably go out there and pull some of it out as I did last year to keep it cornered to one area of the garden. Besides, then I could dry the mint I pull up. Yes, I dry my own mint leaves! After cutting the stalk (or in the case of wild mint, pulling the whole thing up), gather together and tie with a string. Afterwards, hang said string up high such as off the end of a curtain rod. Leave it there to hang out (puns unintended), checking on it in about a month to see if its dry. How do you know its dry? The leaves will crumble when you pinch them. I have used my dried mint leaves in teas and as a nice refreshing foot bath. I have tried using the mint fresh but it always tastes like green rather than mint. I'm hoping this year I might make some mint jelly, to give out as a present at Christmas and birthdays. Next time, I'll tell you about my perennial lavender. Be jealous!

Happy Homesteading!!

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