Saturday, 30 July 2011

Depressing Gardening Moments

1. You are so excited for your first ripe tomato, and as you inspect to see if its ripe enough to pick, you see that it has rotten on the bottom.

2. Your pumpkin and butternut squash plants are starting to yellow . . . not a good sign

3. You notice a bruising area on one of your few developed sweet red peppers

Somehow, the depressing moments of gardening accumulate into three's, uniting to confront you on your off-mood days as a nice kick in the gut to end a glum day. So, now to try and make yourself happier, you write one positive to each of the negatives.

1. Well, only the bottom is rotted, so maybe the top half of the tomato is still fine and can be eaten.

2. Probably just needs to be fed, so just go buy some fertilizer for it.

3. First year growing peppers. It won't be a complete success but you still have 9 other red peppers growing fine.

Happy Homesteading!! (More of a reminder to myself than anything though)


  1. Rae,its part of the process of growing your own veggies. I am having the same problems here as well. It's disapointing to find that your vegetables are not producing as well as you imagined. But I have learned in order to succeed I have to be willing to fail or I should say count my loses. Its a learning cruve and we will both be better at it next season.

  2. Everyone has these kinds of things happen, that's for sure. Last year we had 6 or so tomatoes plants and got almost no usable tomatoes. But we got lots of herbs and some beautiful flowers. This year the tomatoes look promising, but who knows? It's still fun, and the hope is what it is all about.