Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Clover's Escapade's

Clover being a jungle kitty

For those who have not read the previous Clover post, Clover is my pet cat. She is 11 years old, and her favourite things to do are cuddle, be pet and sleep, particularly if those mentioned involve me. I am her world. Also, Clover is kind of a wuss and is overweight. She has issues jumping onto chairs (super funny when she fails at it though) and her solution to lives problems is to lay down. This past winter, she started to slow down a lot and appeared to be having joint issues. Glucosamine saved the day. I now realize that she should have been on this for the past 5 years. Five years ago, Clover lived with my mom, and my mom lived in a small rural town. Clover had her options in life and decided that she was capable of hunting birds. Baby birds. Baby birds that were still naked, couldn't fly and all around helpless. Yup, I had one fearless hunter on my hands. Please note the sarcasm.
Well this morning I went outside to check to see if any of my squash plants needed to be pollinated, and what do I find. Clover laying on the grass, looking down at her struggling prey, a small shrew that she had sent into shock. This is now her second shrew she has caught, the first shrew being killed and consumed (minus the head and one foot) last week. I didn't want her to make it suffer so I attempted to remove her from her kill, which only caused her to become possessive. She tried to grab the shrew to bring with her, but it bit her back. The look on her face was, '*@%$, What is this!?'. She was very confused that the shrew bit her (and held on for a good 10 seconds before she managed to shake it off). I removed the cat, and got my husband to humanely deal with the shrew as it was going to die of shock anyways. After all was dealt with, I let Clover back outside and all is well. Her tally is now at 1 baby bunny, 1 mouse and 2 shrews. The plus side though to this all is that she is riding my backyard (and garden) of animals that would eat and destroy my crop. I love my cat.

Happy Homesteading!!

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