Monday, 25 July 2011

First Harvest!

SO EXCITED!!! Why you ask? Because we have our first harvested green . . . green pole beans. I was unaware that I would be harvesting already but look at me. Being so busy with work, I haven't had time to hang out with friends, but was able to squeeze in some time this past Thursday. After a Starbucks date (don't worry, I brought my own mug to reduce waste!), she asked if she could come over to see how the garden was doing. So we drove over to the house and I showed her the garden. The last garden area we visited was the shed garden, where she says, "What's that?". So I pull back a leaf to discover perfectly ripe and sized green beans. I squealed in delight, ran inside to get my husband, ran back to the garden, and did a little dance. I didn't harvest them for another three days though because I wanted to make sure that they were at their optimal size for picking. So for Saturday dinner, we had a lovely meal of pork loin, rice and garden green beans. I even took a video of our first bits. Sure enough, they do taste better than the store. I always find that store beans lack taste or if frozen, kind of taste plasticy. But now that the beans have made their bounty known, I am now required to filter through them every 2-3 days for picking. Slightly complaining here but the work will be worth it. I do recommend to the first time gardener that green beans are super easy (I just water them) and totally worth the wait!

Happy Homesteading!!


  1. Hello Rae -

    I'm Becky, and I found your blog through the Backyard Farming blog. I'm so glad you're blogging! I too garden here in Manitoba - I'm in the southeastern part of the province - and I look forward to hearing your take on how to handle some of our uniquely Canadian situations.

    I also am working full time as I try to keep this garden going. I do have a 1/2 acre lot to work with so that helps. I'm growing 12 Centennial Rocket and 12 Prairie Pride tomatoes, 40 potato plants (20 red, 20 white), a dozen cabbage, 6 broccoli, a huge row of beans, and another huge row of peas+sunflowers. Everything is growing very well this year and I hope to have a bumper crop!

    Take care,


  2. Hi Rae, Its nice to know that there are others, that share the same passion of sustainablility. I will be following your blog, as I am also Urban backyard farmer, and have a blog of my own. Always keeping it green, FM