Friday, 5 August 2011

Making Raspberry Jam

This year I have at least triple the raspberry crop than I had last year, mind you, last year was a bad year for crops all around. Looking back on last year, I had to buy raspberries to make up the difference for my raspberry jam recipe. This year, and as I speak, I am making my second batch of the year, with raspberries still producing in the patch. I guess I'm going to have to make a batch of mix as I'm sure I won't have enough raspberries for a third batch. Hmmmmm, I'm going to have to get creative. Here though are some pictures of my friend and I making raspberry jam together last week. It was her first time making jam and she felt very domestic and wife-like.

Crushing the Raspberries


In the pot it goes!


And now the copious amounts of sugar


Stirring in the Sugar

Now to boil

Once at a rapid boil for 1 minute, remove and add pectin

Spooning into sterile jars

Putting jars into water bath

And 7 minutes later, JAM!!
All but one of the jars properly sealed, so I just told my friend that she needed to use the unsealed one first. I wouldn't be surprised if she has gone through three already. 
So now I have four batches of jam; 2 raspberry and 2 strawberry. I'm going to maybe make some red currant jam today, but since I already have to make Lasagna Verde (only takes three hours of make, but totally worth it), I might have to put it off for another day. Hope you like the post and don't drool too much over my awesome jam making abilities. 

Happy Homesteading!!


  1. The hubs is making an EPIC lasagna-like dish tonight. In addition to the noodles, cheeses, and sausage sauce (homemade sausage, of course), he added eggplant from a friend's garden. Yum!!

    The whole thing is stacked together in a huge stoneware bowl!

    We'll eat it with a salad of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, chives and dill from our garden- with mozzarella in it, of course!

  2. wow if you are pruning out your bushes i'll come over and get some from you!! i think i got 4 berries so far! some bug is eating the leaves and i've been able to kill it off totally

  3. If you need another raspberry bush, I will be up to my ears in them next spring, so I'll be happy to share!