Thursday, 11 August 2011

Harvesting Time

Yesterday, I finally made time to do some gardening. It had rained a few times this week so I was being lazy and saying that was enough to sustain my plants. Well, I harvested a junk load of green beans. I'm now thinking I planted too many bean plants, and that I might have too many green beans!

I'll see how I'm doing in about a month or so, and if I have too many, I'm hoping to find someone to do a garden swap (my green beans for their squash, meat, etc). But I also got to harvest some roma tomatoes! Well, kind of. I'm cheating and calling this my first tomato harvest, because the real first tomato that was ripe had blossom end rot so therefore not really edible. A couple of them still need to ripen a bit, but I'm thinking that by next week, I'll be good to start canning them!

I'm still debating on whether to make currant jelly and/or rosemary jelly today. For sure I will be making english muffins. You know what, I will do a second post today in a couple of hours on homemade English Muffins. They are so much better than store bought (but only when you don't burn them, like I sometimes do) and actually super easy to make. My husband loves them. Lately, when we are hanging out with friends, the topic of my homemade bread and super gardening skills come up and my husband has been getting a lot of compliments on how he scored marrying me. He totally agrees and I always chime in a "Heck yes he did!". Makes me feel special, loved, useful and important.

Happy Homesteading!!

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  1. Great 'maters! I wish our plants were producing better! I would love the English Muffin recipe! And I am in the same boat as you with the green beans ;)