Thursday, 4 August 2011

This Years War: Squash - The Timely Death of my Zucchini Plants

The pumpkin and butternut when newly planted and not dying

So last year it was the war of the tomatoes, and this year it is the war of the squash. As last year, I have learned something new.

1. Drought can bake dirt into a brick (raised garden bed)
2. Pouring water onto said brick will not help, as the water will just flow over to the sides and drain down the sides
3. Plants in the dirt brick will start to die

I'm hoping that I will still be able to save my pumpkin and my butternut squash plants. I still only have one pumpkin growing and two little butternut squashes fruiting. As for the timely death of my zucchini plants, well, I pull them up. Why you ask? Because its august and I haven't gotten one zucchini from them. I water them, I feed them, I prune them. No fruit on one plant while the other fruits but then rots on the bottom. As mentioned before, I have fed them so the blossom end rot is magically then. I tilled up the soil by the squash plants yesterday, add sulfur and fed them a good feeding, as well as watered till the soil was greatly moist. I'm going to moisten again once this post is done, and then again before bed. I'm hoping I don't lose the plants. But after this year, is there really anything else that I can screw up growing?

Happy Homesteading!!

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