Thursday, 1 September 2011


I haven't been on here in two weeks. I feel pathetic. But we are so busy right now. We have been rushing to finish putting in a kitchenette in our basement laundry room. Trying to save money/earn money, we are renting out one of our basement bedrooms and the basement bathroom. I very much dislike sharing my kitchen (cause I have to keep it clean all the time, and don't get to let is slide) so I suggested we put a kitchenette in our laundry room. So we had to run some electrical to the room, plumb for a sink, put up new insulation, drywall, mud, paint, put up cabinets, and so on. The renter will have a fridge, very large toaster oven, microwave and hot plate. From that, they should be able to make everything they need. I like this reno because not only do I get my kitchen all to myself, I now will have more room to store my canned foods.

Okay, I just stopped typing and realized how sad the last part of that sentence was. But who cares! I can food and I love it. I'm waiting for water to boil right now to skin tomatoes. I have another junk load of ripe tomatoes to be canned today. To follow hopefully soon will be posts on my harvest and such.

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