Monday, 12 September 2011

Silly Reason for Not Being Able to Process Vegetables for Winter

No ice cubes.

Yup, that's right. No ice cubes means no canning tomatoes, no blanching potatoes for freezing, no blanching carrots for freezing. Oh well. Soon my fridge will bless me with some ice (sooner rather than later please!) and then I will be able to process my food.

Tomorrow though I'm picking my grapes. My husband has been very impatient for these to be picked. He wanted me to pick them this weekend, but seeings as it is lady bug season, HECK NO! I really don't like lady bugs (detest would be a better word), and if they didn't eat aphids, I would kill all of them on the spot. So I'm sure that there will be lady bugs in and around the grapes, so I need assistance. I need someone else there with me to take the lady bugs over to the other side of the yard, away from me and prevent them from flying at me, by me, landing on me, touching me, and from me seeing them. Tomorrow is my husbands day off so since he wants them picked so bad, he has to be my assistant.

Yes, I am serious. I hate lady bugs. I am totally this weird.

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