Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Every canner's worst nightmare (or at least mine)

So I get a text from my husband saying, "I made tomato sauce!"
I think nothing of it, except good for you, you made yourself food instead of asking me to make you food.
Half an hour goes by when it hits me.
He made tomato sauce . . . with canned tomatoes . . . my canned tomatoes . . . my pride and joy, all my hard work and effort! Yes, I am devastated by this. Why, oh why did my husband have to make tomato sauce, with MY home-grown home canned tomatoes! Of course this sends a wave of negative thoughts through my head such as, 'He probably screwed it up and wasted my tomatoes!' 'He probably ruined the jar somehow and I won't be able to use it again!' 'He probably didn't clean up after himself and now I have one more thing that I have to do when I get home!'
But fortunately, the world did not end. The sauce he says is good and the kitchen had only one extra dirty skillet, and he even loaded the dishwasher and put turned it on. He was very proud of himself (not for turning on the dishwasher but for making his own tomato sauce). The only slight problem was that the recipe he used called for 2 cups of canned tomatoes and instead he used a quart (4 cups). One jar of our canned tomatoes I calculated to last us 2 weeks. He just used up two weeks worth of tomatoes for one week of food. Am I a little insane? Yes, yes I am. Why? I would like to point out that I get giddy when I start canning food or processing vegetables from my backyard. This points to insanity because no other young adult I know cans food at home nor gets excited and giggly when doing so.


  1. I do :) I get excited and giddy...and then I get mad at hubby when he opens a jar to USE IT; which he then has to point out to me, is what it is INTENDED for :)

  2. I have this same problem. Nothing lasts long enough in my house to be worth the trouble of canning these days (2 teenagers to feed. And feed. And Feed.). This problem has lead to me switching from vacuum-seal bags to zip-locks, canning to freezing,and sometimes even buying cheap with coupons rather than making it myself.

    It is sad, really...

    (It is not even cold yet and the eggplant is gone... sigh...)