Monday, 19 September 2011

Grapes! . . . Actually more like Clover . . .


Look at me!

I'm actually making a full one, cool, with picture post.

Awesome points are going up.

Alright, now that I have made myself feel better, back to what's really important. GRAPES! More importantly, my husband and I picking our grape vine last week and the bounty that ensued! I have no idea what variety of grape my vine is but I can tell you that they are sweet and taste like dimatab (yes, it tastes like grape flavoured cough medicine). I'm guessing that it is either a beta or a valiant variety because those are the two purple juice grape varieties that can grow in Manitoba, and it tastes nothing like concord grapes. Now, as my other posts have detailed, I required assistance in picking the grapes because I HATE lady bugs, so my assistant would be removing the lady bugs from my presence. I volunteered my husband. He kind of grumped about how I should just poke them with a stick to make them move away from me, but it actually turned into one of the best times I've had hanging out with him. Of course, Clover the cat was supervising. And by supervising, I mean being cute and an all around pain. One person would go into the house to unload a bowl of grapes, and when they were coming back out, she would rocket her way back into the house. Then, realizing that she was in the house alone, she would sit at the patio door and stare at us till one of us let her back out. And repeat. Here are some pictures of her being cute.

She thinks she's cute when she stands on things like a pile of rocks, or in a box. Probably because I start babbling to her, "Are you on a pile of rocks? Are you a cute kitty on rocks? Ohhhhh, aren't you a special kitty. Hanging out on a pile of rocks."

Adventurous kitty!!

Okay, this turned more into a post of Clover being cute, but at least we're getting somewhere. 

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