Friday, 24 February 2012

My Chair in the Corner

I love my chair. It sits in the corner of the living room, and from here I can see the front step, the kitchen, the dining room and the T.V. (which never has anything on it because we don't have cable!). It's not the prettiest chair in the world by a long shot. Clover has taken to using one of the corners to stretch out on, not scratching unless she wants to get my attention. It also has some nicely browned arms from dirt accumulation which I choose to ignore. The fabric is outdated and extremely thin, hence why Clover can so easily destroy it. But I love my chair.

I found my chair on Kijiji. It's a beautifully shaped wing-back chair, that goes perfectly with my antique couch and piano. It has wooden claw legs, and a super comfy cushion on it. It only cost me $95. Yup, that my friends is the power of buying used furniture. A new wing-back chair would cost around $300, and I'm pretty sure it would have ugly, not-real-birchwood legs on it that only screw on instead of being built right into it. This piece can easily be recovered (with a more robust fabric, that's for sure), giving it an instant makeover. It is built solid so I'm sure it will withstand abuse from children that are sure to come in the future. I love this chair!

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