Saturday, 11 February 2012

An Example of How Food Affects Our Health More Than You Would Have Thought

At 15 years old just after summer, I developed a very itchy rash, which was accompanied with easily inflamed skin. My legs were covered in a hives and scabs, as I would scratch my legs in my sleep to the point of bleeding. My friends would poke me several times on my arms, and in 5 minutes I had welts where they had poked me. And of course, the welts were itchy. Then at 16 years old, I got a sinus infection. Well, that doesn't sound too bad right? I had the infection for over a year. It would not go away. Then I dealt with sinus infections on and off for 3 years. As soon as I would recover from one infection, I would get another one. 

To add some comedy to this, I met my now-husband at 16. Somehow he liked me, even though I was constantly blowing my nose, coughing so hard I might throw up and further, would go into an itch attack if not touched in a certain way (hugs had to be in a certain way because if he didn't, my shoulder blades would get really itchy and they are really hard to reach). Needless to say though, his patience with my skin and sinuses had its limits. At 21, I was still dealing with sinus issues, now accompanied by frequent ear infections, and my skin condition. I would complain about my ears or how my head felt like it was a balloon. And still, there were certain ways my skin had to be touched so that I didn't go out on an itch attack. He was fed up with it all, and I was too.

It has really been in the past month that I have realized that I am no longer itchy. And my sinus headaches have been reduced by 90%. This turn of health was all reversed through my diet. I am wheat and milk sensitive, as well as allergic to mushrooms. The mushroom allergy extends to roasted peanuts, which carry up to 22 different types of moulds. I had some allergy testing when I was 15 to see if my skin condition was an allergy, which it wasn't. And yet, by removing these foods from my diet, I feel healthier. My husband enjoys cuddling with me, and me not having to scratch my legs every 5 minutes. I enjoy being able to hear and breathe through my noise. The thing that gets me is that I went to an ENT specialist for my sinus issues. He told me that I was just sensitive and I would have to live with this for the rest of my life. Well thanks, just what I wanted to hear. Yes, I was 'just sensitive' but I was sensitive to food! Actually, my herbalist was the one who figured out my food sensitivities. Upon our first meeting, she told me to cut out wheat and milk, as well as peanuts and fungi. It took me 3 years to actually fully do so, but she was right.

So if you have a chronic healthy issue, look into how your diet may be affecting or aggravating it! My food sensitive was a godsend, and it could be for you too. There are many exampled in the blogsphere of how eliminating certain foods cured health and behavioural issues, so I'm not the only one here.

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