Saturday, 1 October 2011

Yarrow Tea

Well, this summer as all the grass was dying, there was a form as green as ever, refusing to die. It was and is Yarrow. I didn't like it at first. But after some research, I actually like the fact that it's growing in my yard. And tonight especially. Tonight I am making Yarrow tea.

My husband has been fighting a cold now for a couple of days. Scratchy throat, a little phlegmy and now the sniffles. I was hoping that just plugging good old black tea into him would do the trick (that and keeping him away from milk and sugar) but after the 14 hour day he pulled at work on Friday, that's not working. And this is where yarrow tea will save the day. Yarrow can be found everywhere in North America, and in Europe and Asia. It is drought resistant and produces very beautiful small flowers, with the flowers being anywhere from white to yellow to pink. The white flowers are supposed to be the most powerful. Yarrow tea has astringent properties and is a known for its cold-killing properties. At the first sight of a tickley throat or sniffly nose, a cup or two will stop it! Now, I am not a certified herbalist, so if you do plan on using yarrow, do not quote me or believe in my words as god. Also, continual use of yarrow can be quite harmful, so please do your research, consult a professional, and use at your own risk.

For the hubby, I put two yarrow flower bunches, a couple of chamomile heads and some mint leaves in a tea pot, covered with boiling water and let sit for about 5 minutes. The chamomile and mint were added just to make it taste better (Mr. Picky Eater here). As well, the chamomile is a relaxant and the mint leaves are good for the stomach (if Mr. Picky Eater decides that the yarrow is trying to kill him). I myself am not having any . . . yet. If hubby likes it, he is going to have two cups before bed (which will be the whole pot). I will post on the success of the tea.

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