Monday, 17 October 2011

The end of the garden for 2011

Well, today I tore down the garden. I pulled up the tomatoes (even though they were still flowering), clipped the last of the swiss chard, pulled up the green beans and harvested the dry pods from them and cleaned up the yard. I've harvested a lot of seeds for next summer; brandywine tomatoes, roma tomatoes, juliet tomatoes, celebrity tomatoes, San Marazano tomatoes, hot peppers of various types, patty squash, sweet red peppers, and now, bush beans. Oh, I also have some of the seeds from the butternut squash that was mentioned in last post. I did though lightly dig up one of my celebrity tomato plants that is trying to re-flower and brought it inside. I'm hoping I might get some more tomatoes from it. My husband has been absolutely spoiled with having fresh tomatoes all summer, I'm sure he is going to miss them. I've got some shelves put up in the basement for storing the onions and squashes, which will be purchased this Saturday. I'm starting to get into the thick of school (midterms, papers) so the likelihood of me being able to do regular posts is unlikely.But we'll see how it goes, and for sure, in the spring, I will start up regular posts.

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