Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Meat Order!

Earlier this summer (as if October can still be called summer, but its 25 degrees outside, so yes, I can still call it summer!), I watched the movies Food Inc and Fresh. Wow, were they an eye opener. At first I tried to reverbalize what I had learned from these movies to my husband, but I got rolling eyes, pfffffffff's and stop being such a hippy stares. So, instead I was able to make him watch Food Inc (still have to get him to watch Fresh). Well, for some reason when it comes from the movie it makes more sense. He was quite surprised at the food industry. With this surprise, I ran with it. I convinced him that we should get an order of meat from a local, all natural meat producer. And he agreed!

I decided to go with McDonald's Farms. They are a family run business located in Manitoba. If I wanted to, I could go visit with my animals and see what will be my supper. Here is their 'About Us' from their website.

Hi, we are the McDonalds!  My name is Wayne and along with my wife Maria we own and operate McDonald                Farm. My mother Lois is a retired lab and X-ray technologist and my father Jim is still involved with the farm.  My sister Kristy is a payroll analyst and her partner Jason is a web designer.

McDonald Farm has been a family owned and operated farm near Cartwright in southwestern Manitoba since 1906.  In 1992 my father Jim took a Holistic resource management course and by the year 2000 had perfected a pasture-based grass farm with animals developed to thrive and prosper on pasture.
For many years now we have been enjoying the wonderfully tender and tasty beef, pork, and lamb from our locally adapted animals, which have grazed on our abundant grasses.
Our primary focus is to replicate nature and harvest the excess that nature provides in a sound, ethical, humane way; always putting foremost the animal's health, comfort, and lack of stress.
We want our customers to become our friends and have the chance to eat the same tasty and healthy food that we enjoy every day, raised ethically and with integrity.
Well, from that little blurb there alone, you can understand some of the reasons why I chose this company as the blessed company to have earned my business. Well, words don't do it alone. Taste is also a big thing. So as an introduction to their meat, I decided to get a variety pack. It's exactly what it sounds like, a variety of everything. I didn't tally up yet what I all got but the gist of it is this; Berkshire pork sausage (mouth-watering!), rack of lamb, ground lamb, lamb chops, lamb shank, pork roasts, pork chops, ground pork, beef steaks, ground beef, beef roasts, and bacon. Now, this is all frozen and is obviously to go into a freezer. I have an apartment size freezer and thought, this can all fit in it. I forgot that I was going to be freezing some of my food. I'm almost out of freezer space. Good thing the food is there to be eaten. We have so far had one package of the Early-riser sausage and one package of pork chop (where one chop is enough to feed two people and a one-inch thick ring of fat). 
Needless to say, I will post some recipes and meals from this order (such as rack of lamb!). I urge you to find a local meat producer who cares for their animals, business and ethics as much as this company does. 
P.S. Here is their website! 

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